plasmalogen alzheimer Plasma Halogen Extracted from Scallops

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Plasmalogens Plasma Halogen Extract Scallops from Japan Rich in value Helps the body build plasmalogens. supplement japan
Antioxidant inhibits the accumulation of
Amyloid-Beta Protein
Cerebrospinal Fluid Tau
Create replacement brain cells
In order to prevent and repair beta-amyloid substances (BETA AMYLOID PLAQUE) into the brain, which is the cause of Alzheimer's disease
More than 15 years of research have developed a plasma logan supplement. It can work well for people who have symptoms of forgetfulness. Or Alzheimer's stage, beginning to the stage of Alzheimer's patient stage. People with depression
Mood swings The latest medical innovation that is the hope of Alzheimer's patients.
"Brain cells ... can be rebuilt. Even for those who are old. "

Tablet type, 1 box, 60 capsules
Take 2 capsules per day (1-morning tablet 1 evening meal)
(1 box can eat 30 days)

GMP certified

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